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  1. Sat Apr 04, 2015 12:26 pm
    Message by U-2x2 Seater - introduction message,,,
    Hi Don ,,,,,I don't know if I have contacted you before now,,,,I was just clearing my e-mails and noticed we had become friend via the TM forum,,, I part built the U-2 20 + years ago ,,,,stored it because of divorce life and all that getting in the way,,,I have decided to strip it back to the main spar and start again only doing it in f/glass and foam + adding a bit to manage the two seat dream [ side by side on the C / G ],,,re-tracable U / C and fairings to cut down as much drag as I can,,,,my engine will come out of China 4 cylinder two stroke 61HP @ 6800 rpm,,, total weight 20 Kg's I will ceramatise the pistons and cylinders then looking at direct fuel injection later on after I get to know the beauty a bit,,,I'll keep you up to date on progress after I start the project,,,,cheers for now,,,,Alex "The Austr - Alien" ,,,,
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